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How do I send Free Texts Online?

This site is an online information site to send free texts online to your friends & family around the world. If you send texts from this site some networks in some countries may charge for the recipient to retrieve the sms message. If you wish to receive and send free texts online you have come to the right place as we recommend the best free sms websites online, for the latest news on Free Texts and Free SMS Online visit our news section.

The text messaging service provided on this website is a reverse charge service to send texts online where you there is no charge to send. The person for whom the message is intended will be sent a Free SMS alerting them of your msg and invite them to receive the message. We are completely private Free Online Texts website. Many mobile sms marketing providers also offer online sms services that suit various business and personal needs. This service has been created so that in times of need when people need to send free sms they can do so, like many reverse services out there this provides a useful way to get in touch quickly and easily!

With more and more of us spending time online it has in many ways revolutionised the way we stay in touch with people. With emails and social media allowing us to notify people at the click of a button it is easy to contact people all over the world. But what about if you want to send a quick message to a friend or family to let them know of an immediate change? Sure, you could send them a message on Facebook or send them an email but there's no saying when they'd get it. With Free SMS we make it easy to send free texts online that are sent straight to the recipients phone wherever they are. By sending a free text online you can be sure the recipient gets your message straight away- and the best thing is- it won't cost you a penny!

Free online texts from Free SMS make it even easier to stay in touch. Whether your phone is out of action or for the sake of convenience- Our Free SMS UK service is a great way to let people know what you're up to! So why not send a free text online today? It only takes a second and won't cost you a thing!